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Memes that will make you smile and fill some joy in your life. Here some unique memes that will give you some freshness in your busy life…


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 From category Funny Jokes
whos there?
ya who?
I made you say yahoo!
[ Joke sent by Oscar Hernandez ]

 From category Animal Jokes
One day a man tells his wife you’re going 2 go hunting with me his wife says no I’m not then he says u can either go hunting with me or suck my dick. So the wife says ill think about it. She goes outside and feeds the dogs then cums bak n and says pull ure pant down because I’m not going hunting with u. She starts sucking his dick and says y does yo dick smell like shit
and the man says because the dog aint wanna go huntin eitha
[ Joke sent by Dakid ]

 From category Yo Mama Jokes
Yo mama so greesy she uses bacon as a baindade
[ Joke sent by Justin ]

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 From category Little Mary Jokes
Where did little mary go?
to my mamma’s house
[ Joke sent by Daddy ]

 From category Animal Jokes
Codys a fag y?
[ Joke sent by He Sucks Dick Hahaha ]

 From category Funny Quotes
War doesn’t determine who’s right. War determines who’s left.

 From category Yo Mama Jokes
Yo mama is so dumb when she put a paper on the tv and thought she was watching paper view
[ Joke sent by Alex Gomez ]

 From category Yo Momma Jokes
Yo momma is so fat she played pool with plants.
[ Joke sent by Heather Trammell ]

 From category Funny Insults

How did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open?

 From category Blonde Jokes
A blonde girl is on the computer and it says u got mail so she goes out to the mailbox and there’s nothing there so she goes back in and her computer says it again so she goes back out there and there is nothing there so she says to her neighbor my computer says I got mail but every time I come out here there is nothing there .
[ Joke sent by Andrew ]

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 From category Bar Jokes
A drunkard, too much drunk, orders another cup of beer. The bartender says “sir, it is too much so please go home” “Okay, here I go” he goes out, comes in from another door, asks for a beer, receives the same answer and goes out. This happens several times and, at the fifth time, furiously, he asks the bartender “Hey you man, how many bars do you work in? tell me!”
[ Joke sent by Moratu Saman ]

 From category Short Jokes
Why do old men take viagra?
So they don’t roll out of bed.

 From category Blonde Jokes
How do you drown a blonde?
put a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom ot the pool…
[ Joke sent by Yo ]

 From category Scottish Jokes
A Scottish newspaper ad. “Lost – a Ł5 note. Sentimental value.”

Unique meme

From category Little Johnny Jokes
Little Johnny walks into the kitchen where his mom is making breakfast. His mom asks, “How you sleep.” He said, “I slept well but I was wondering what you and dad were doing last night.” Hoping not to scare their 10-year-old boy she says that they where, “making a cake.” Johnny goes along with this. The next morning little john comes into the kitchen grinning and said, “you guys made another cake last night didn’t you.” His mother says, “Yes we did but how did you know?” Little Johnny responded, “becuse I liked the frosting off the couch.”
[ Joke sent by Et ]

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