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Christmas Poem For Kids – Christmas Celebration Poem

Christmas Poem For Kids

In this article information about Christmas Poem For Kids. There are many occasions when you need poems, essays, and speeches related to Christmas. If you need similar materials, do not worry, many Christmas poems ( Christmas Poem For Kids ) and all other materials are available on our website. Which you can use as your requirement.

Christmas or big day is one of the major festivals of Christianity. It is believed that this is the day when Christ was born. This Christmas festival is a 12-day festival that starts on the 25th of December. There are special people enthusiastic, about the Christmas festival. Christmas trees adorned with stars and lights are seen everywhere on this day.

This Christmas festival reminds us of Jesus’ birth, struggle and sacrifice, how he endured all the sufferings for the betterment of humanity and even after crucifying he forgave his killers. The Sikhs provided by them always inspire human society to move forward.

Christmas Day History: Christmas Poem For Kids

Though we celebrate Christmas Day on 25 December every year but have you ever wondered why? Like every festival, there is a history behind the Christmas festival. It is written in the holy book Bible of the Christian community that Rome has ruled in the world about 2000 years ago. The rulers of that time used to punish innocent people without any crime and they were tortured a lot.

To save the people from atrocities, God sent a child to help the people on earth. The Lord sent an angel named Gabriel to a virgin girl named Mary who told Mary that ‘Jesus son of God is coming to be born from your womb and he will grow up to be king and suffer the atrocities and sufferings of the masses’ Will resolve

After this, the angel went to Joseph and told him that you have to marry a woman named Mary who is going to give birth to the son of the Lord and protect that woman and her son. One day Joseph and Mary were going to Bethlehem. There was no place for him to stay there, so he spent that night in the stables. Jesus was born on the same night. During this time, a star shone in the sky, which led people to believe that Jesus, the incarnation of God, has been born on earth.

Because there was a prediction for the birth of the incarnation of God that at the time when the incarnation of God will be born, a bright star will appear in the sky. Everyone became very happy with the birth of Jesus. On the 25th of December, Christmas is celebrated in the happiness of his birth.

How is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas is an important festival for those who believe in Christianity, which is considered to be a big day for all those who love humanity, love for humanity and awaken humanity. From the night of 24 December, a group of young men goes to each Christian’s house to sing songs related to the birth of Jesus the Messiah. On the same night, tableaux related to the birth of Lord Jesus also decorate in the churches. On this occasion, a large number of Christian people gather in the churches to congratulate each other on the birth of God.

The next morning, on the 25th of December, all the baths are washed and put on new clothes and go to the churches where special worship is done, which is called Christmas service. In this worship, the Christian teacher says the discourse related to the life of Jesus. Churches are prayed, Christmas songs are sung, candles are lit and celebrated. After the worship, everyone congratulates each other on Christmas.

All Christian people clean their houses with flowers and light fight. Many make good dishes. The Christmas tree is decorated outside the house. The tree is decorated with colorful lights, bright papers, greeting cards, candles, chocolates, toys, etc. which children are attracted to see.

Christmas celebrated

Along with this, children eagerly wait for Santa Claus on Christmas night. They believe that Santa will come and bring a lot of gifts for those people. Do you know who this Santa Claus is? There is also a story behind it, according to which the real name of Santa Claus is Saint Nicolas. He is also known as Father Christmas and Santa. He was born in Myra 280 years after the death of Jesus in the third century. His parents died in childhood.

After that, Nicholas had only faith in God Jesus. He was from a rich house. After growing up, Nicholas offered his life to God. He became a priest in a church and later became a bishop in the same church. He loved helping needy people and giving gifts to poor children. His special thing was that he used to distribute gifts among the children without seeing anyone. And they used to do this work in the dark of night. Saint Nicholas was made Santa Claus after the 17th century.

Santa Claus gives the message of humanity and love, as well as his work is to share happiness. Western people believe that sharing happiness is the true service of the Lord. Santa Claus distributes gifts to children who give this message.

Given the importance of Christmas, we have prepared these poems. Through which you can manifest your feelings. Through these poems, we have tried to explain the importance of Christmas.

Christmas Poem For Kids

Papa will come home, He will become Santa
Will bring lots of toys, we will sing out loud
Santa came, Santa came, a gift brought, a gift brought
We want a Barbie doll, lovely shawl for Mama
When it is 12 at night, we will raise the slogan of Merry Christmas,
We will sing louder and wake up the neighborhood…

Christmas Poem For Kids

Rony, Mandy, Quit the Confusion,
happy Christmas has come Brother’s,
Coming, in funny springtide,
Ask what you want a gift,
Santa Claus will only give them,
Who have good behavior,
in which puzzlement, you Stuck in
happy Christmas has come Brother’s
Jesus Christ birthday
Christmas tree decorating day,
Sing all meet
Enjoy gifts, goose goose
happy Christmas has come Brother’s

Christmas Poem For Kids

In cold winds,
Someone sings merry Christmas,
Each time filling a bag,
He brings the gift,
Mom tells us,
He loves children,
Green lush Christmas tree,
!He would have given beautiful punishment,
%He comes on December 25,
He is called Santa-Santa,

christmas poems for kids

Christmas came Christmas came,
Children are enticed.
Santa Claus will arrive, bring new toys.
Santa Claus gave voice, Come Annie,
^Come, Panny, Come, Johnny, Come John,
This is a day of remembrance of Jesus,
This is a day of love for children.

Christmas Poem For Kids

Jingle bells are ringing
The year is ending
On 25 December before that
Christmas is coming,
#Christmas is coming,
Bring Christmas tree,
Will decorate it,
On the high branch,
Set the stars,
We will be changed in good children,
@We will Remember Santa,
Santa Will bring gifts
We will Shake hands
Christmas is coming,
#Christmas is coming
Christmas is a celebration of love,
Makes magic,
Touches the mind,
Heals with love
@Christmas is coming,
$Christmas is coming…

!Christmas came close, children call,
Santa will bring a bag full of gifts,
 There is a gift in the bag, and the cap on the head is red,
a chubby toy like Satta looking good.
Ton-ton-ton-ton-ton-ton Bell Santa came,
Haha-ha-haaa Laughed hard.
Everyone had a lot of fun, singing songs again and again,
Christmas festival brings happiness,
Jump with Santa, come, everyone will rock,
Next week of Christmas a new year will come,
No one child cries, no one is depressed,
Everyone’s Christmas will Merry, Let’s try to do it…

christmas poem short

Christmas came

Christmas came Christmas came,
Brought this opportunity of happiness.
Come, everyone sings together
@Celebrate the Christmas festival together.
This festival comes once a year,
On which everyone gets happiness and love.
Come, celebrate this special festival together
Share gifts among the poor needy.
#So that they can also get love at Christmas,
Christmas gives us the sacrament of unity and love,
That is why we all celebrate it every time.
So let’s decide together on Christmas,
By helping the poor, they will be encouraged them.
Will send the message of Jesus to the world,
$So that everyone reaches the glory of humanity
So that people leave this path of violence malice,
And turn your face to the path shown by Jesus.

Christmas day ‘

Look, friends, Jesus’ birthday is coming,
When people sing songs of joy all day.
This is called the Christmas festival,
On which everyone gets love.
children get Many gifts on Christmas,
That is why children wait for Christmas throughout the year.
People will decorate the Christmas tree in front of houses,
So that every happiness can be fulfilled by the children
Come celebrate the Christmas festival together
Which increases brotherhood and love in us.
In which lives, children will be waiting for Santa,
Because every time he brings many gifts with him.
That is why this Christmas festival is liked by everyone,
Whom the whole family celebrates together.

Poem on Christmas

Look, Christmas has come,
He brought happiness with happiness.
Stars shining all around,
With Santa Claus’s brilliance.
Chocolate candy spring is shade outside,
The market is decorated with toys and clothes.
Carols are being sung in church,
All are celebrating Jesus’ birthday.
On this big day, I also have to tell something,
Love is with you.
Stay happy always like this,
Merry Christmas to you.

Christmas song for god Jesus

Christmas song for god Jesus

Angels are singing, song beautiful…
on the arrival of Jesus on earth,
Everyone found a treasure of happiness,
Free from sins,
rock all over,
Sing this hope,
Every tongue sings,
The glory of Jesus,
The glory of Jesus,
Emmanuel God is with us,
his mercy hands have on us,
this Love is the greatest,
God has come as a human,
left Heaven, to come on the earth,
Born, Jesus is great,
Angels are singing, song beautiful…
He has come from heaven, and Love being like that,
What did you offer to him,
Do not ask for any wealth
Please offer this heart to him,
He is everybody’s boss,
Angels are singing, song beautiful…

Holiday season
Preparations for the festival,
The buildings are bright,
Like a paradise,
It’s Sizzle cold,
And the cloud is also heavy,
Despite this people have passion,
And the children are shriek,
Even the autumn leaves,
Everyone looks lovely,
They are also giving donations,
Who are priests of wealth,
Happy buyers,
And busy businessmen,
Both are happy
While both are borrowings,
Forgot Jesus’ birth,
This world is a Worldly,
Is running Behind him,
Whoever has the ho ho ho disease,
Red suit and white beard,
What a beautiful ride,
He meets in the mall,
Sure it’s a trader,
Children are crazy about him,
Like a magic box…

Christmas Poem For Kids

Come on baby Tell you, the saga is an old one.
How was Isha born? Listen to this story.
The son of God came to Joseph and Maria’s house.
As soon as he came, he showed ‘Bethlehem, miracle.’
One star shone amazingly. The religious leaders understood.
He is the king of Bethlehem. Identified with astrology.
The king got the news, he trembled with fear.
All the children killed, dragged from the house.
But ‘Nazareth’s Isha was not killed by anyone.
After death’s king, ‘Nazareth he came.

While young, he worked as a carpenter, with his father.
And in all, Pram fills a sweet, compassionate spirit.
One day, on the banks of Mardan, collided with Yohan.
Received the divine supernatural power, left all the illusion.
He gave knowledge of love and humanity to everyone.
While wandering around, he would take away everyone’s suffering.
Everyone considered him as God, so ‘Caiphas was nervous.
He hanged Jesus on the cross.
It has been twenty-seven hundred years, we cannot forget.
As soon as his birthday came, he would light a hundred lamps.


At every turn of life,
In the absence of
Has been growing.
Dreams in whose eyes,
Before filling,
Have been croaking
Come, pay some attention,
Fill it with gifts,
Juice in their lives,
Celebrate this time,
fragrance the message of Jesus,
Christmas like this.

Christmas Poem

The day we will know the pain of others,
You will be able to accept the happiness of others as happiness,
It will be the same big day.
@If a neighbor sleeps Hungry, go to us too,
Always put ointment on the wounds of others,
On the day we will fall in love with a person
#It will be the same big day.
Think, who will do for themselves, for others,
With the earnings of sin and deeds, we will always stay away
But the one who is a sinner who will forgive that day,
It will be the same big day.
When someone is sad, we will also have pain.
Stay join forever, like some threads from the heart to heart,
When we will see someone suffering, when we will also suffer by seeing him, on which day,
!It will be the same big day.

Christmas Poem For Kids

When the mist made the sheet,
Landed, arbitrary upon doing,
The sun cracked him,
Opened its own box,
Hiding the tail, ran like this,
Rat saw a cat, like,
when happy kids, clap instead
Found a plate, filled with sweets,
Today brother came to Christmas,
Brought a bag full of happiness…

Christmas Poem For Kids

Christmas is a festival of joy and happiness. This festival infuses the minds and hearts of all with a sense of purity and inspires us through new energy that even in the face of many difficulties, Christmas is a festival of joy and happiness. This festival infuses the minds and hearts of all with a sense of purity and inspires us through new energy, that even in the face of many difficulties, We should not give up. Christmas festivals like this Give the message of living together with everyone. Jesus Christ used to say, Serving the oppressed and miseries is the biggest religion in the world. I hope you will like this article Poem on Christmas Poem For Kids.




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